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Minor quantity. Naturally, there aren't any challenging borders. The quantity belonging to the essay originates from three to 7 pages of laptop or computer text. For instance, in the Harvard Business Faculty, essays are frequently created in only two web pages. For the European universities and colleges, an essay of about ten web pages is allowed, even if typed text. A certain topic along with its subjective interpretation is emphasized. The theme for the essay is always definite. An essay can not include countless matters or strategies (views). It demonstrates only one option, a particular believed. And builds up it. This can be the reply to to one question. Cost-free arrangement is a crucial feature with the essay. The researchers note the essay is by its nature arranged to make sure that it does not put up with any formal framework. 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From time to time this means giving up thoughts or aspects, especially should they have presently been talked about somewhere or are certainly not right affiliated towards the scenario. These factors only distract interest

"A hole is the start of a sculpture in space. My works are not pictures, but art concepts."

Lucio Fontana


With the same initial spirit of enthusiasm, the Lucio Fontana Foundation is committed to conserving and furthering the artist’s legacy. The ongoing pledge to safeguard Fontana’s artistic heritage began more than forty years ago.


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